Romancing the Tropics

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A Tropical Cocktail Boxset

Romance is in the air in this two book Holiday Romance boxset that is all about sun, sea and s*x…

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A Tropical Cocktail Boxset

Romance is in the air in this two book Holiday Romance boxset that is all about sun, sea and s*x…

Tequila Sunset

To get over her ex, she is getting under her BFF’s Daddy

‘I’m sorry Cassy, but you’re just too boring for me,’

That was the story of Cassandra’s life.

She was always that girl. The curvy plain jane. She was fine with it, right up until her hot bad-boy ex threw it in her face before walking out of her life. Leaving her depressed and reeling, doubting everything about herself and her future…

So her best friend has spirited her away to her family’s Gibraltar Vila for a little fun in the sun, some much-needed girl time, and a whole lot of boys.

There’s just one problem.

David, her best friend’s recently divorced dad also happens to be staying at the villa. And he’s no boy…

He’s all man. A dark and tempting man who is as forbidden and dangerous as a bar of rich dark chocolate. She knows she shouldn’t go there, but when they’re left all alone for the day, with nothing to do but hang out by the pool, what’s a poor girl to do but take a plunge.

Beneath The Sheets

“The course of true love never did run smooth.” ― William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Alex’s life was circling the drain and he was officially one step away from hitting rock bottom after finding his long term girlfriend in bed with his biggest clients.
Then one morning an email arrives from the last person on earth he ever expected to hear from again.
Sarah Snow. His childhood friend, and the uncontested love of his life whom he hasn’t seen since prom night.
And before he could say travel agent, he was boarding the first plane bound for Sydney, Australia with nothing but his passport and an overnight bag.
He’s no idea what he’ll do or say when he finally reunites with the girl that broke his heart but one thing’s for sure…
He’s not going home without her.

25 reviews for Romancing the Tropics

  1. Marie Barks

    This two books are awesome. They grabbed my attention from the start. If you want a steamy book then you need to read these. I loved the details that he put into these books and the way the characters played them out.

  2. Christine abee

    Arc review for honest review. This box set was a great read. I enjoyed both stories tequila sunset-David street finds himself wanting his daughters best friend Cassandra .Awesome hot. Between the sheets -when Alex pike goes to see Sarah Snow in Sydney Australia and his dream of her comes true. hot

  3. Karen Martin

    If you are looking for a read that is quick
    and steamy than you can’t go past this one.
    Great storylines and characters with plenty of chemistry.
    I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.

  4. Kristina Simkins

    A a sexy fun in the sun box set. The chemistry between the characters is… WOW and leads to some very sexy scenes.
    This steamy read is an absolute page-turner.

    If your looking for a couple of hot and easy to read stories then I recommend Romancing the Tropics to you. 🧡☀️🌊🔥

  5. Lynn Stifle

    A short and steamy box set. It’s well written, with great storylines, wonderful characters, sizzling chemistry, and it kept me engaged and turning the pages. A terrific box set and one I really enjoyed.

  6. Candy Beck

    Two great short stories set in tropical places,one in Gibraltar and the other in Sydney. Tequila Sunset is an age gape taboo that is steamy by the pool. As they say, to get over someone is get get under someone. Cassandra is moping while on vacant with her best friend Stacy at a Villa her dad is renting. While her friend goes to town for shopping, Cassandra stays behind and is joined by Stacy’s dad David who starts a conversation with her. Read to see where it leads. Next we have Beneath the Sheets where Alex had had a great night with his friend Sarah that had changed the next morning. Years later he receives an email from Sarah and the next thing you know he’s on a plane to Sydney to meet her. After the disappointment of his relationship, he needed this and it was Sarah. This was crazy but exciting for Alex. What will happen between him and Sarah after all these years? Read to find out. LM is a great writer and knows how to draw you in and keep you interested. You feel the emotions and you can picture the scene playing out in your head with the words written. Storyline is easy to follow. The Lord of Lust knows what he’s doing when he writes a story.
    ~ARC provided in return for honest review~

  7. Pat Walley

    This 2 Book Boxset was a very steamy and enjoyable read!

    Book 1
    “Tequila Sunset”
    This short read was one hot and sexy read with an older man/younger woman story that captured my attention from the very first page! The chemistry between Cass and David was so HOT that I was worried that my kindle would combust before I was finished reading this wonderful story!

    Book 2
    “Beneath the Sheets”
    Book 2 of the “A Tropical Cocktail Romance” series and this friends to lover’s romance story captured my attention from the very beginning! The storyline was wonderfully written with characters that were so well created that Alex and Sarah pulled me right into their story as it effortlessly developed from page to page until the very last page!

  8. Julie Ann Abueva Victoria

    Both books were well written. However, the things that the heroin says during the sex scenes are too “porny”. I know this is an erotic romance and the things being said should be dirty. I think it is just too much though and becomes “fake”. All in all, the books were great.

  9. Vivian

    Hot and Steamy!
    Both books give you what you’re looking for. A hot and sexy way to get past writers block (or any other block) or to dream about reconnecting with a former love. Highly recommend!

  10. Fran Reading

    If you like smokin’ hot romance, this box set of short stories will fit the bill! This set offers an age gap romance and a friends to lovers romance. They both sizzle with heat and explosive chemistry, and I loved the stories and the characters!

  11. Veronica De Peza-Williams


    Two really enticing, captivating steamy reads that will set your world on fire. The both stories are written about couples while vacationing, one in Gibraltar with Cassandra and David and the other in Sydney with Alex & Sarah. An enjoyable, compelling box set that is worth reading.

  12. Doris Marici

    This is my first time reading books from this author and it won’t be my last. It was steamy and the characters had tons of chemistry. I highly recommend reading.

  13. Karen Fitzcharles

    This was a good read. L.M. Mountfords books are very good reads so go on it and read them all. Thank you for writing this book. Please read and review your books

  14. Tiffany MacLaren

    I received a copy of ‘Romancing the Tropics’ by L.M. Mountford in exchange of an honest review. The ‘Tropical Cocktail Romance Boxset’ is a collection of two steamy books, ‘Tequila Sunset’ and ‘Beneath the Sheets’.
    The first book ‘Tequila Sunset’ was a hot and fast romance read about a heartbroken young woman, Cassandra, who falls for her best friend’s much older father, David. Their age-gap taboo romance steams the pages and fries electronic readers, as they engage in their wicked poolside antics in the Gibraltar paradise!
    ‘Beneath the Sheets’ was a sweet and hot, slower burn romance of unrequited love, as we follow Alex and Sarah’s love story to the beaches of Australia. Sarah always loved Alex, but for Alex, she was the one who got away, after their one special prom night. As the two reunited, their chemistry blazed, and they more than likely singed the very sheets they were beneath!
    L.M. Mountford did it again with this hot tropical set!!!

  15. April

    This is a great box set. I really enjoyed reading both of these great, steamy stories full of great characters.

  16. Emma price

    The first book Tequila sunset is a fantastic fast past romance that is a sweet slow burn between a young woman called Cassandra and a older man named David. And their taboo age-gape romance of fanbloodytastic poolside frolics. And beneath the sheets is another fanbloodytastic book on a second chance romance of Sarah and Alex whose journey was beautiful

  17. Jen ODonnell

    You will love this boxed set once you start reading. There is steam, passion and your kindle will light up. These are must reads. It’s the perfect beach read. I cannot say enough about this boxed set except, A must must exceptional, sensational and hot-to-the touch read.

  18. Shari Wilkerson

    Two short stories in this collection. One is friends to lovers romance. The other is older man, younger woman. Both Hot and steamy, taking place in vacation settings get the stories off to a hot start. The Lord of Lust knows how to Make you feel his words on the page. Definately worth your time.

  19. Terry Babb

    Two standalone quick sexy reads…
    Tequilla Sunset…A best friend’s sexy Daddy read. Taboo? Depends on your own view but I’m of the opinion that if it’s consensual I’m cool with whatever floats your boat. It was hot & sexy & I really enjoyed this story.
    Beneath the Sheets…Spiraling downwards after finding his girlfriend cheating on him the hero gets an email from a friend he hasn’t seen since their prom night. She invites him to visit her in Sydney. On the flight he has a sexy dream about her but can he fulfill his dream first hand? Another good read from this prolific author. I received an arc & this is my honest & voluntary review.

  20. Sheri Lemay

    This is an awesome 2 book set of quickies. If you need a quick read that’s doesn’t skimp on the hot and steamy action then this is definitely the read for you. All I can say is YOWZA!! Lewis always brings the heat.

  21. Vivian Crowson

    Steamy hot romance! 2 great short reads to get you all hot & bothered. What a way to get over writers block or to reunite with a former love.

  22. Michelle Mendes

    🏖🍹🌺 ARC REVIEW- Romancing the Tropics by L.M. Mountford 🌺🍹🏖
    Wow…Romancing the Tropics is hot 🔥🔥. The best kind of hot 🔥🌡, the panty melting hot. Romancing the Tropics is a boxset which include Tequila Sunset and Beneath the Sheets. I have reviewed both before and reading them a second time back to back and it definitely had an effect on my libido. Romancing the Tropics is all erotica (See definition and difference between erotica and erotic romances below…I am a big fan of both). L.M. Mountford, author, never fails to deliver and always gets me hot 🌡. Both Tequila Sunset and Beneath the Sheets are pure explicit and illicit sex straight up. If you love erotica then this is the book for you! You will not be disappointed as L.M. Mountford is known for delivering on hot, lust inducing, erotica.
    (Erotic romance is a central love story, usually with a happy ending (HEA), where sex plays a deep role in the characters’ journey towards love. Erotica is a story where sex plays a central role and there may or may not be a love story). Happy reading!

  23. April B

    This is a great box set. I really enjoyed reading both of these books.

  24. Tanis Owen

    I love reading these quick reads. He always tries to keep it interesting and different than the others, which isn’t always easy.

  25. Gloria Garcia

    Wow! The Lord Of Lust does it again! Grab this hot and fiery twosome for a great hot summer read.
    Tequila Sunset
    Beneath The Sheets
    Would I recommend it: Yes. I have voluntarily read and reviewed this advanced readers copy provided by said author.

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