Dirty Daddies

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The Politician. The Billionaire. The Detective. Three hot alpha males. Three steamy older men, younger woman age gap romances. The Dirty Daddies is a three book boxset from The Lord of Lust, holding three of his hottest older man, younger woman steamy age gap romances.

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The Politician. The Billionaire. The Detective. Three hot alpha males. Three steamy older men, younger woman age gap romances.

The Politician – Senator Richard Sharp

In the world of men, he is a man of wealth, power, and influence.
But within the halls of Olympus, New York’s most exclusive gentleman’s club,
He is so much more. He is Hades.
The god of gods and lord of the Underworld.
But even a god has needs.
When he sees Kora, Olympus’s newest attendant, he knows she is the answer.
And he will make her his, no matter the cost.

The Billionaire – Josh Winchester

He loved his wife…but she never saw him as anything more than a friend.
Their marriage was a sham to save her honour.
Her death broke his heart…
But there is one determined to heal it.
Can she, or will he just as blind to love as his wife?

The Detective – Jake Talbot

London’s Dirtiest Copper never played by the rules.
Rules were for team players.
He was a lone wolf. And a loose cannon.
But he got the job done.
And now his job was to take down Terry Daley, London’s Mr Big.
There’s just one problem, Vickey Romano.
The one that got away.
He wants her back, and he’s not above dirty tricks to get her.

The Dirty Daddies is a three book boxset from The Lord of Lust, holding three of his hottest older man, younger woman steamy age gap romances.

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25 reviews for Dirty Daddies

  1. Christine abee

    ARC Review For honest review serving the senator book1-Kora is a maiden at a exclusive gentleman club called The Olympus when told to go take care of 12 ,she never thought it be the man she’s had a crush on senator Richard sharpe. Daddy’s Christmas surprise book2-Erica gave her stepfather josh Winchester a Christmas present he never thought he unwrap. Broken book3- bucket Ramon has a past she like to forget . while she can’t stop thinking of Jake she finds herself wanting him still. Awesome this also has a sneak peak at roque – of a betrayal he doesn’t see coming you will definitely enjoy these Hot stories.

  2. Brandy France

    I love The lord of lust!!! His books are Hot and Dirty Daddies is a sexy read of older Alpha men ! I recommend this book!

  3. Cathy Geha

    Dirty Daddies by L.M. Mountford

    Trio of torrid tales that give a voyeuristic glimpse of three older men and the younger women they spend steamy time with. Some felt almost like prequels of potential romance in the making. All three men are older, know what they want, commanding, and just what the women want…at least in the moment.

    THE POLITICIAN: Kora works at an exclusive men’s club that she hopes will provide the income she desperately needs. Catching the eye of “The Senator” is a lot to handle but she is eager to please as he takes her off to make her his personal attendant.

    THE BILLIONAIRE: Josh married to help a friend hoping for more than a marriage of convenience but that is all it ever was. After he is widowed, his stepdaughter provides him with a Christmas present he never saw coming…a bit taboo but truly intriguing.

    THE DETECTIVE: This was probably my favorite though definitely only the introduction to set the stage for what could prove to be an exciting steamy trilogy or more. I would love to see if Jake and Vickey can find a way to keep Vickey safe, take down Daley, and have a happily ever after together.

    It is never specified whether these couples will have a future together but I kind of have the feeling they could. Enjoyed these steamy stories and recommend them to any who might like to try a variety of short erotic stories by this author.

    Thank you to the author for the ARC – This is my honest review.

    4 Stars

  4. Lorie

    A wide variety of macho men that all have one thing, well I guess two if you count macho men, and that’s what they want from a female. From a Senator to a step dad and all of the bad guys in between. Leaves you with questions and the information on the next book to answer the questions.

    I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  5. rosa dunahue

    Dirty Daddies is excellent collection of older men/ younger women romance.

    The Politician-Serving the Senator is fantastic short sexy romance. Kora and Senator Richard are fantastic together. Her innocent to his dom was incredibly written. I hope we get to see them again.

    The Billionaire- Daddy’s Christmas Surprise is short and sexy holiday story. Erica has always wanted her stepfather Josh, so this Christmas her gift to him will be herself. This story is hot and steamy.

    The Detective- Broken is short read romance. Jake and Vickey both shares a past together without knowing. But it is their incredible chemistry between them from the start. But the way Broken ends will definitely make you want to know what happens in the next book…

  6. Tara Hammond

    Haven’t read a LMM book yet that I didn’t like and this one keeps that going. Loved the storylines in this book. LMM is a truly gifted writer. If you haven’t read one of LMMs stories . You won’t be disappointed with this one!

  7. Samerah I.

    Dirty Daddies by LM Mountford Hold on to your seats and get ready to be hot and bothered with these stories that brings the sizzle to your kindle and passes to you!

  8. Samerah I.

    Dirty Daddies by LM Mountford Hold on to your seats and get ready to be hot and bothered with these stories that brings the sizzle to your kindle and passes to you! You need to read this one!

  9. Samerah I.

    Dirty Daddies by LM Mountford
    This is a book set! Hold on to your seats and get ready to be hot and bothered with these stories that brings the sizzle to your kindle and passes to you! You need to read this one!

  10. Ashley Johnston

    I loved this bundle of three super hot stories filled with excitement and steam.

    SERVING THE SENATOR- Kora was a new worker at the gentleman’s club and was picked to serve the Senator. After a conversation, he had a proposition for her that would change her life in many ways.

    DADDY’S CHRISTMAS SURPRISE: Josh used to be in love with his best friend and married her to help her out when she got pregnant even though she didn’t feel the same Years after Sonja dies her daughter shows up at Christmas and offers herself to him as a gift and things get really steamy!

    BROKEN: This was a second chance romance but it only gives us Vickey and Jake being together for one time. The story was mysterious, interesting, and steamy and I can’t wait to read more about these two and what happens in their future.

    I received a review copy of this book and a, leavig a voluntary honest review.

  11. Lynn Stifle

    Serving the Senator

    Hot!! Hot!! I absolutely loved this! Serving The Senator is a sexy, steamy, and arousing story that will leave you wanting for more. Richard and Kora burn up pages and captivate the reader from start to finish. Loved it!

    Daddy’s Christmas Surprise

    A short and steamy read. The chemistry between Josh and Erica is off the charts hot. Loved the characters, and it’s steamy hot, and a little naughty. I really really enjoyed this one!


    Vickey is a girl with a past she’d like to forget and Jake is a man with a secret. The chemistry between these two is off the charts sizzling hot. This is a a fantastic tease on what’s to come, and I can’t wait to find out what’s next for Vickey and Jake.

  12. Fran Reading

    Dirty Daddies is a spicy hot trio of tantalizing morsels that will melt your kindle! The Lord of Lust has done it again! Each quick read is so sexy hot and exciting!

    Serving the Senator
    Kora may be a newly hired maiden at Olympus, an exclusive club, but she has certainly caught the attention of Senator Richard Sharp/Hades. And he sure knows how to get what he wants! This was sexy with a dominating older man and younger woman.

    Daddy’s Christmas Surprise
    Erica has been waiting to show her stepfather Josh how she really feels. She intends to be his best Christmas gift ever. This hot holiday quickie was erotic and seductive.

    Vickey may have broken up with Jake, but it’s clear that things are far from over! Both have secrets they’re hiding, and I can’t wait to see what happens in Shattered!

  13. Victoria W.

    Book one Serving the Senator – the Olympus Club where Senator Sharp/12 – “Kora” is his desire.
    Book two Daddy’s Christmas Surprise- Josh a millionaire comes home to large wrapped present in his bedroom. Surprise is none other than his stepdaughter Erica. But don’t fret he had an unusual relationship with his wife, Erica’s mother”.
    Book three Broken – Vickey and Jake. Neither can stop thinking of the other. Hot and heavy.

  14. Candy beck

    What do a Politician, Billionaire and a Detective have in common? A young woman that they crave. Older men with younger women is what you’re in store for when reading Dirty Daddies.
    A Sense who wants a waitress to become his attendant for an exclusive club. A Billionaire who gets the best Christmas present. A Detective who was dumped but still craves the one who stole his heart. With these three stories we see age is nothing but a number and that the heart wants what it wants. Taboo may be the obvious but, it’s not because it’s all perception. I see men and women enjoying themselves.
    L. M. can always bring you in and have you feel what the characters are going through. Bonus the scenes are really HOT, no imagination needed because L. M. gives you exactly what you are reading with his words. I recommend any story by L. M. because I feel like I’m getting everything the story has to offer then some.
    ~ARC provided in return for honest review~

  15. Tanis

    Read the first two previously but they are still great and hot. Second two: needed more. Would’ve liked to have read what happened in the bar.

    Can’t wait to be able to finish Vicky and Jake’s story to see how it ends.

  16. I.

    Dirty Daddies
    These 3 books that will have you so excited with many different situations and plot setting to tickle all your senses!

  17. Cheryl B

    Dirty Daddies by L.M. Mountford is a boxset containing three different scorching reads!!!

    First, there’s Serving the Senator, a scorching hot, titillating story of Kora, a new hire at an exclusive gentleman’s club…and the Senator, a revered member of the club. There’s a great deal of mystery associated with this story….how did he know her? When did he first see her? What drew her to him? What, if anything, is in the future for them both? Loved this incredible, vividly-written, and extremely visceral story!!!! What a exceptional read!!!!

    Next, is Daddy’s Christmas Surprise, a short, tantalizing story of Josh and Erica. He was married…and now Erica appears as a gift!! This story was quite naughty, but nice…and I loved it!!! Understanding how this all develops is key to the story! Erica was quite surprising in her zeal and ‘go for it’ attitude! Though it didn’t take much! Good story!!!

    Finally there is, Broken, the story of Jake and Vickey. They had met once a while ago. Now, they both think of the other constantly. She felt safe with him, though he seemed to have a checkered past. But, it’s over now….or is it? Intriguing, enchanting story that I totally embraced!!! These characters were PHENOMENAL and eerily provocative….completely captivated me!!!

    I am volunteering to leave a review for an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  18. Gloria Garcia

    Dirty Daddies by L.M. Mountford
    Three age gap stories that are interesting, well-written and page turners. The characters are well-developed and have chemistry. And all drama leads to a happily ever after. Set includes…
    -Serving The Senator…Senator Richard Sharp and Kora are both sexy, panty melting and very HARD to put down!
    -Daddies Christmas Surprise… Josh Winchester and his stepdaughter, Erica will burn up your sheets… when he gets the surprise of his life. Hot, Hot, HOT!!
    Grab a cool drink and settle in with Jake Talbot and Vickey Romano’s story and get ready to combust!
    Would I recommend it: Yes
    I have voluntarily read and reviewed this advanced readers copy provided by said author and BookFunnel.

  19. Heather Steele

    Loved these three stories. Very steamy, lots of girls fantasies come true. Some call it taboo I call it hot. Fast and easy read

  20. Michele Roberts VonCannon

    Hot! Hot! Hot! This collection of stories will keep you glued to your kindle. It has it all. These are stories with older men and younger women. They certainly know how to grab and keep your attention right off the bat. Plenty of chemistry! Check it out and see what you think. I loved it! I am voluntarily leaving my review after reading an advance reader copy of this book from the author. Great way to spend your evening reading!

  21. TeamStarlite

    3 short stories with 3 different dirty daddies.

    The stories are quick to read and entertaining.

  22. Jen

    Serving The Senator is sexy and hot. Wow! Senator Richard and Kora are blazing together. Exceptionally written and full of heat. You will need to step into the freezer to cool down. I highly recommend this fiery story that will you with passion and want. A must, must read.

    An amazing, steamy, Christmas Story that you need to read. I loved it and do will you. What a perfect Christmas Present that is full of passion, excitement and the Chemistry between Josh and Erica is off the charts. I cannot recommend this enough.

    Broken is an amazing, sexy, thrilling, read that you will love as much as I have. Vickey and Jake’s chemistry burn off of the pages. I cannot say enough about this. I’m so excited for more

  23. Tanya

    You will need a cold shower after you read about these hot daddies. Each one will take you on a different journey but will they end with a happy ending? You will be pulled in and will want to stay there until you have read all three wonderful stories in this collection

  24. Kristin S

    L.M. Mountford brings us sultry Christmas stories in Dirty Daddies. The stories jump right into the hot scenes as soon as you start reading. These are age gap stories that are definitely worth the read. You might need a fan after reading what L.M. Mountford writes in the book. I can’t wait to see what else comes out from this amazing writer.

  25. Sheri Lemay

    An incredibly hot and smexy set of books. L. M. Mountford had done it again. If you are looking for some incredibly smoking and tantalizing quick read stories that will heat up your dreams and leave you wanting more then this is the box set for you.

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