Alpha Men of the Otherworld

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The battle of the Species is about to rage, and only the true alpha will come out on top in the Lord of Lust hottest new duo boxset that sees vampires and werewolves lock tooth and claw…

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The battle of the Species is about to rage, and only the true alpha will come out on top in the Lord of Lust hottest new duo boxset that sees vampires and werewolves lock tooth and claw…

Blood Lust
Sooner or later, the thirst always wins…
After a thousand years, Lucian had given up any interest in the world. His only concern that night was finding his next drink, preferably from a flavoursome twenty-something with loose morals and no expectations. Then he saw her…
Kate is just a girl from the country, who came to the city with her brother to find a life away from their parents’ car crash. That is until the police came knocking on her door one morning and ripped her new life apart.
Now she has nothing and no one, with only one on her mind…
When these worlds collide, and the things that go bump in the night come calling, can they mend the rifts in their souls and give each other what they need?

Alpha Heat
Danny Royce knew this was a bad idea. A terrible idea. The worst idea in a long sad history of bad ideas. He didn’t have any choice. He was desperate.
He needed her help.
And it meant going back home…

Danny has spent the last ten years running.
His father was the alpha of the Wolves of Lupus Latr, the most powerful Werewolf Clan in Southern England. Born of ancient and powerful line, his life should have been devoted to protecting his pack.
But when his father fell in a battle with the werewolves ancient enemy, and his big brother lost the rule of their pack, all that changed. His mother spirited them away in the dead of night, far far away from whatever fate the new ruler had in store for them.
Yet now he’s come of age, and things have come into motion that he can no longer run from. Now he must return home to Lupus Latr to face his old pack. However this is not as simple as it sounds. For a wolf in exile to return home, first he must prove himself worthy of his pack.
It’s a dangerous road to walk, and should he survive, he would then have to kneel before the new alpha. Erza. A fierce and powerful she-wolf wielding mysterious powers.
However, Erza has an offer for Danny.
A proposal she can not afford for him to refuse.
And she’ll do anything to get him to accept…

12 reviews for Alpha Men of the Otherworld

  1. Pat Walley

    This fantastic Box Set consists of 2 paranormal books, “Alpha Heat” and “Blood Lust” which kept me at the edge of my seat the moment I started reading this must read box set! Each book was well written with characters that had great detail and depth, not to mention the steaminess that both books offered kept me turning the pages until the very last page!

  2. Tiffany

    Alpha Men of the Underworld by L.M. Mountford, is a compilation of his two paranormal romance stories Alpha Heat and Bloodlust.
    Alpha Heat is a shifter romance that heats up the kindle with Danny Royce, a wolf shifter from Lupus Latr. He needs to return to his old pack, and face the incredibly hot Alpha, Erza. They actually need each other more than they know, not only for the safety of the pack, but for the future of all wolf shifters!
    Bloodlust is an incredibly steamy and dark vampire romance. Lucius, a vampire of old, gets more than he bargains for when he goes looking for his next snack, and Kate is as tasty as he hopes! Her independence and his alpha protectiveness makes for a passion so hot that they can’t and won’t ever let go of each other! This Duo Boxset is a great read that will definitely have you wanting more!
    I received a free copy of this book, and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

  3. Lynn Stifle

    A terrific collection of two paranormal short stories that will definitely leave you wanting more. Highly recommend.

    Alpha Heat

    Danny and Ezra’s story was a hot and steamy quick read. Danny is returning home after eight years to get help, but things don’t go as planned. When Ezra offers him a deal, will he refuse or take her up on her offer? This book definitely left me wanting more…can’t wait for the next book!

    Blood Lust

    I love anything Vampire and this quick read left me wanting more. Lucian is out hunting to fill his hunger when he meets Kate. From the moment they meet Lucian is drawn to her. Katie is seeking justice and when she finds herself in trouble, Lucian is there to save her. I absolutely loved Lucian and Kate and their chemistry was palpable. This was a very enjoyable read, with great characters, an enjoyable storyline, and filled with revenge, action, and plenty of steam.

  4. emma price

    alpha wolf is a fanbloodytastic, an extremely well-written book one of the best werewolves books I have read to date, another one to add to your collection, but blood lust is a complete let down so disappointed in lewis it so blah like you read one you have read them all, no effort to make it unique ate all, more b movie.

  5. Candy Beck

    If you love PNR then you’ll love these two stories by L.M. aka Lewis! He can bring the hotness to short stories that you’ll be needing to fan yourself. He leads you into the sometimes fast sometimes slow but the build up is worth it either way. Blood Lust is about a vampire and Alpha Heat about a werewolf and both are Sandy as he double hockey sticks (lol)! I’m a PNR kinda girl so I’m glad that Lewis brought these stories to life and that I got to read them.
    ~ARC provided in return for honest review~

  6. Sheri Lemay

    Werewolves and a Vampire. What more could you ask for in a box set? Two short but very hot and steamy stories in one set with a bit of humour thrown in. Perfect for reading before bed to give you some very nice dreams.

  7. Kristina Simkins

    If you enjoy quick reads that are hot enough to make you sweat – then this box set is for you. These two paranormal shorts are packed with heat so sweltering you’ll need a cold shower.😈😉

    Blood Lust is an amazing read. Who doesn’t love sexy vampires? I couldn’t put it down. Lucian and Kate were so hot they’ll melt your kindle. If you love a sexy alpha hero than you’ll love Lucian in this unexpected hero becomes her forever quick read. I really wish this book had been longer.🩸🖤

    Alpha Heat is a hot and steamy werewolf quick read that you won’t want to miss! Danny takes you on a journey of self discovery that leads to some really steamy times between and an older female alpha. 🐺🔥

    ⚠️ BEWARE: don’t read this box set in public!

  8. Sue Kirkpatrick

    Another brilliant box set of Alpha Heat and Blood Lust. These are about Werewolces and Vampires.
    These were so good going to read them again

  9. Cheryl B

    Alpha Men of the Otherworld by L.M. Mountford is a set of two different paranormal short story romances.

    First is Alpha Heat, the story of Danny and Ezra. Danny is a wolf shifter with a destiny he tries to turn from. But, fate has other ideas….and now, he needs help from Ezra, an alpha in her own right.

    Next is Blood Lust, the story of Lucian and Kate. He is a vampire who is bored with life….until he meets Kate, who is dealing with her own issues.

    Interesting, exciting short stories that will keep you entertained!!

    I am volunteering to leave a review for an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  10. Ashley Johnston

    I enjoyed both of these books. One consists of a vampire being attracted to a human woman and saving her and the other deals with a shifter who returns home and faces the new alpha of his old pack, a female alpha, and the steamy things that they do. Both stories were entertaining and kept me reading until the very end. One was pretty short and a very easy read with a HEA and the other was a longer, more involved read that leaves a lot of questions about what will happen in the future and the two characters the story is based on. I really hope their is a second book to that one because I want to know how everything will play out for them. Wonderful and steamy box-set that I would definitely recommend! I received a review copy of this story and am leaving a voluntary honest review.

  11. Lynne Wells

    Werewolves and vampires! Two short, steamy paranormal books.

    After a 1000 years Lucian needs to feed. He meets the beautiful Kate. Kate is on a not very well planned mission to find her brothers killers. Lucian, however, comes to her rescue. Saving her from the thugs that killed her brother. Lucian takes Kate back to his home.

    Alpha Wolf:
    Danny feels the need to visit his ancestorial home. Upon arrival he has to defend himself from childhood friends. He meets with Erza the female alpha who defeated his brother after his father died. Danny and Ezra come to an agreement and he becomes the alpha.

  12. Beth

     This is an amazing collection that includes 2 paranormal short stories (novella) that will definitely leave you wanting more.
    I highly recommend this book.

    Alpha Heat

    This is a nice quick read with great sizzle/ heat to the story of Danny and Ezra. Both are wolf shifters. When Danny returns home after eight years away in order to get help. He must decide whether or not to take the offer Ezra gives him. I simply can’t wait for the next book!

    Blood Lust

    I love anything Vampire. This novella has left me wanting more!! Lucian is an older vampire out on a hunt when he meets Kate (a human). They are both drawn to each other instantly. The chemistry between the two is great and very believable. I loved the characters and the storyline. This novella is filled with revenge, action, and a good amount of steam/heat.

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