Deliciously Sinful Liaisons

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Do you love hard men, strong women, sizzling chemistry and erotic scenes that make Fifty Shades of Grey look like five shades of beige?

Well, here you go…

7 Books, 7 hard and rugged men, 7 sizzling page turners that will have you devouring every word from start to finish…

And for the first time ever, an extract from the lord’s long-awaited and much-anticipated sequel to his debut Sweet Temptations: The Boss’s Daughter

-Just Once
– Valentine Misadventures
-Together in Sydney
-Training Tracey
-Blood Lust
-Sweet Temptations

Warning: The stories in this steamy collection are so intense and the scene so hot, they may cause your kindle to melt while reading…

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5 reviews for Deliciously Sinful Liaisons

  1. Linda Tenda

    I absolutely loved this tantalizing collection of stories. I read one each evening! Each and every one of the stories enticed me. It left a smile on my face knowing I had another to read the next night. Yes, you’re right, until the last. That’s okay, I’ll just wait for the next Mountford book to hook me again! I don’t know that I have a favorite, they were all so good! Maybe, I’ll read them all again to decide!!!! 🙂

  2. Patty Mele

    I love this author’s word and story and it protrays.

  3. Terry Babb

    It’s gettin hot in here…
    Broken – Jake and Vickey have off the charts intense sexual chemistry that cannot be denied & their story continues in Shatter which I definitely need to find to read.
    Just once – From childhood friends Faye has had feelings for her best friend Terry who has a girlfriend that he loves whilst he can’t help but have feelings for Faye. Can he resist the temptation?
    Reckless… Luke is Sophie’s bodyguard, the daughter of a gangster. He does more than protect her & she’s a more than willing participant in their sexual exploits. How far is he willing to go to save themselves when her father sends a henchman after them.
    Beneath the sheets…spiralling downwards after finding his girlfriend cheating on him the hero gets an email from a friend he hasn’t seen since their prom night. She invites him to visit her in Sydney. On the flight he has a sexy dream about her but can he fulfil his dream first hand?
    Training Tracey – Mrs Burton finds her daughter’s best friend crying. She takes it upon herself to teach her that she’s a woman now & need some lessons in sex. She was a quick learner & was loving the swinging lessons with both of her best friend’s parents, phew!
    Blood lust – I didn’t read this one, not a genre I’m comfortable with.
    Sweet Temptations – Richard realises the babysitter, has the hots for him but how can he stop his erotic thoughts about her. Grab your fan & don’t let your kindle combust! Descriptive, conflicted, fleeting guilt.
    I received an arc & this is my honest & voluntary review.

  4. Karen Martin

    I have read most of this box set as they came out.
    Each book has great plot and characters.
    There’s plenty of steam and action that had me well
    and truly glued to the page.
    I highly recommend this set of books.
    I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.

  5. Belinda Hercule

    The title says it all. 7 steamy deliciously sinful stories in one place. 1. Broken will have you hot and bothered and craving more. 2. Just Once: What do you do when your best friend seduces you knowing you already have a girlfriend? 3. Reckless is about a forbidden love with plenty of drama and suspense. 4. Beneath the Sheets: A short steamy story that grabs you from the beginning and leaves you wanting more. 5. Training Tracy is a dark and juicy menage that has Tracy learning the art of love making by her best friends parents. 6. Blood Lust is fast paced and action packed with murder, revenge and pure steam 7. Sweet Temptations is a taboo story between a married man and the babysitter. As an added bonus we get a sneak peak at Rogue! I read these books individually and received this collection as an ARC and voluntarily give my review.

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