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My father told him to protect my virginity, not take it.

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As an underworld princess, daughter to the boss bosses, my life was a gilded cage. A prison of gold and silk, with nothing for me to do but wait. Wait until the day my marriage contract is agreed and i’m sold to whichever Underboss’s son could meet my father’s price.

I’d accepted my fate, resigned to the life of comfortable captivity high in my father’s ivory tower.

That is until he stepped through the door of my room.

Luke, my new bodyguard, A soldier from the back streets who’d risen up from the ranks. He’s tall and arrogant, with roguish good looks that could turn a girls head and a smirk that tells me he’s not afraid of anything. Not even my father.

He’s like no man I’ve ever met. A devilish rogue with a wild side that could make a girl want things she knows she shouldn’t.

I know it’s dangerous, we’re entirely off-limits to each other but I just can’t fight my attraction to my wild reckless protector.

But I have to try. If my father finds out, he’ll kill us both.

11 reviews for Reckless

  1. Korkoi

    Taking A Big Risk –
    This is a very interesting, mob based short story, with sizzling sexual encounters and a little drama, that will keep you entertained.

    I received a copy of this ARC and I am voluntarily leaving a review.

  2. Emma

    Exquisite workmanship one of the most engaging stories I have read in a while.

  3. Afolasade

    A very steamy, short read. It’s a mob story with drama and it’s very interesting. I love the book and I enjoyed it. I received an ARC for my honest review

  4. Diane Carlson

    A quick hot and steamy read!

  5. Diane Carlson

    A quick steamy read! I wish there was more.

  6. Bonnie Thompson

    Love on the run. Luke will do whatever it takes to protect Sophie. Sophie is a mafia princess and Luke is her bodyguard. They fall fast and hard for each other and from reading this book, it’s the real thing. To say this book is scorchingly hot is an understatement. Their desire for each other is definitely flammable. A short read, but unbelievably hot.

  7. Lynn Stifle

    A short and steamy read. Sophie and Luke are so hot together. Sophie is the daughter of a mob boss and Luke is her bodyguard. A great story that’s filled with sizzling chemistry, a bit of drama and one I really enjoyed.

  8. Linda Tenda

    Yes, I guess it is reckless when a mafia princess is HIGHLY attracted to her body guard, but, it’s not to be or is it?

    It’s Risky, when your lust is so strong you can’t keep your hands off one another when you’re being chased!

    Will the fates align? Will they escape? Can the princess find an HEA?!?

  9. Gloria Garcia

    Underground Princess✔️
    Sexy Bodyguard ✔️
    Oh my…
    Reckless by L.M. Mountford is one hot romp on the wild side. It’s a quick read and one you don’t want to miss. One click-it today.

    I received a free copy of this book via BookFunnel and I am voluntarily leaving a review💋

  10. NqENDtkDEH

    702778 80947Deference to op , some superb entropy. 224312

  11. Kristina Simkins

    A great steamy erotic short page-turner about a mafia princess and her bodyguard.

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