Forbidden Desire – 2nd Edition

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Forbidden Desire is a super hot older woman / younger man romance. It has a HEA, NO Cliffhanger and all the steam you have come to expect from the Lord of Lust.

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He closed the gap, his big hand moving to gently rest on her denim encased thigh. “I prefer more mature women. Women who know what they want and how to get it.”
To all the rest of the world, Elizabeth Clarke had it all.
A successful husband. A beautiful home. And now a son off to university.
She is a perfect housewife with the perfect life.
It’s a lie.
Her husband is a lying, drinking philanderer who hates her as much as she loathes him. Her home is beautiful, but empty, nothing more than a gilded cage to keep her trapped in a world she never wanted.
That is, until he came back to town.
Hugh Becket.
Her son’s best friend.
He’s hot, young, and so forbidden.
Elizabeth knows she should stay away, but when the devil comes knocking on her door in the middle of the night, what’s a poor neglected trophy wife to do?
Forbidden Desire is a super hot older woman / younger man romance. It has a HEA, NO Cliffhanger and all the steam you have come to expect from the Lord of Lust.

27 reviews for Forbidden Desire – 2nd Edition

  1. Cathy

    Sizzling age-gap night of passion for middle-aged married Elizabeth and a man young enough to be her son ~ A fantasy night for both of them and who knows, a game changer in the making? This is definitely a short story at only about fifty pages but it does pack a punch as Elizabeth succumbs to the temptation of putting herself first instead of being put second in the lives of her family. Finally seen by Hugh, and though conflicted, she does succumb and it may ultimately help her step out in more ways than one. She may take on something new in her life besides the young stud that savors her for a night and in so doing…explore more about her self and her creativity than she would have otherwise.

    * Could I see myself in Elizabeth’s shoes? Maybe…in a fantasy…and that is just what this seems to be.
    * I wondered if perhaps Elizabeth would find a way to dump her less than loving spouse and move on or if she would just savor the one night and not rock the boat
    * I was reminded of the Movie with Dustin Hoffman and Mrs. Robinson
    * I wondered how common it is to have this sort of relationship/one-off in real life
    * I thought about guilt…and if either would feel it or what might make one feel or not feel guilt in such a situation
    * I realized that I am almost 70 and this story steamed up my glasses 😉
    * I enjoyed this and think that if you are looking for a short steamy age-gap story…this might fill the bill.

    Thank you to the author for the copy – this is my honest review.

  2. Sheri Lemay

    This was such a hot, sexy read. It was the perfect length for right before bed or when you take a short break throughout your day. I wasn’t sure about the older woman younger guy a ge gap, but I loved it.

  3. Rosa Dunahue

    Forbidden Desire is a great short and steamy age gap story. Elizabeth seems lose with her son going to college and her husband and her not contacting anymore. So, she visits her friends only to discovers they left the country but their son Hugh is there. Both of them are attracted to each other but knows it’s wrong. They try to fight their desires and it will lead to seems steamy scenes. And the book ends in incredible way.

  4. Emma price

    Fanbloodytastic 💖extremely well written and this book is so hot, a hot and young lawyer and a heart broken but beautiful older lady come together in this smouldering erotic story.

  5. Cheryl B

    Forbidden Desire by L. M. Mountford was a scorching hot, naughty story Elizabeth, a housewife whose son just left for University. She runs into his best friend, Hugh…and things get heated!! He’s always had a thing for her….can anything come of this unusual set-up? This is the first story in a new series by this fabulous author!!!

    Loved this titillating story!!!! Another exceptional read!!!!

    I am volunteering to leave a review for an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  6. Brandy

    This book is a little different with Elizabeth being a cougar and Hugh being her sons bestfriend. Age is only a number and Hugh goes for what he wants and it’s Elizabeth. The Lord Of Lust had once again written a sexy read; Age gap with the woman being the cougar isn’t my normal read but I couldn’t put it down! Must read Sexy and will get you hot!

  7. Heather Steele

    This book is a fast and easy read. Lots of people fantasize about this. SOme are lucky to do this.

  8. Kristina Simkins

    The Lord of Lust delivers another hot and steamy read. The connection and chemistry between these characters in this hot age-gap page turner will melt your kindle. A very enjoyable read!

  9. Lorie

    Mrs Clarke is an unsatisfied, lonely woman. When she gets an idea on how to be happy she jumps at the chance. Little does she know that true happiness is awaiting her at the home of her best friend. Can a May to December affair become anything other than short term happiness? Oh well. Who cares because it feels good.

  10. Abby Lynn

    This was a sizzling romance book with some seriously amazing characters. I loved this book and highly recommend it to all romance lovers to read!

  11. Belinda Hercule

    I received this ARC and voluntarily give my review. This short story is a definite 5 star read. I would love to read more of Hugh and Elizabeth’s escapades. It grabs you from the beginning and you hold on for dear life until the end. Pure steam and intensity, Mountford’s descriptions will have you inside the room with them screaming for more.

  12. donna zug

    This is a quick read but what an enjoyable experience. Very well written characters that experience so much in too short a story. It’s a good thing there are more books in L.M’s arsenal. So much fun to look forward too.

  13. Victoria Wyatt

    4.5 stars
    Elizabeth is a neglected housewife tempted by lust for her son’s best friend Hugh. He is irresistible and sexy and wants her. One night he comes to her and she gives in to him. It was a sexy steamy night of ecstasy.

  14. Lynn Stifle

    Forbidden Desire is a hot quick read about a neglected housewife, Elizabeth, who gives in to her desires with her son’s best friend. An excellent sizzling read and highly entertaining. This is one book you don’t want to miss so one-click now, you won’t be disappointed.

  15. Tiffany

    Forbidden Desires by L.M. Mountford is a super steamy age-gap erotic story. Elizabeth Clarke, a lonely trophy wife, is dealing with an always absent husband and empty nest as her only son is off to college. As she tries to fill her time, she connects with Hugh Becket, an insurance lawyer and her sons friend and school mate. Their ultra passionate and taboo connection creates enough sparks to burn a kindle and have you wanting more, so so much more!!!

    I received a free copy of this book, and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

  16. Nicole Thomas

    Older underappreciated woman and a chance meeting with her son’s best friend make for some hot and steamy moments in this quick read. L.M. Mountford is a word master that puts you in the moment!

  17. Patty Mele

    I have to say that this book had everything that the readers that love this author is famous for. It had a strong hero and herorine(?) with the storyline so well researched and written it was as if the reader is in the scenes themselves in my opinion. The character built up was so good it was like fire in between the pages and this is my opinon. I receieved this book for free thru an ARC, Avanced Review Copy, with an honest review freely given.

  18. Julia TeamStarlite

    A quick read, but a sexy, hot, steamy shortstory.

    Elizabeth gave in to her desire, because: why not?
    Yes, he is much younger and her son’s best friend – but the desire is mutual.

  19. Marsha ann sharp

    On outside she seemed to have it all . But now her nest was empty a husband who attended to others needs not hers. What will she do. He been wanting his best friend mom for years. Now was time could he risk it take what he wanted for so long . This was so forbidden at very top of that list will they toss that list aside take what they wanted and needed. To heck with world and fulfilling the need with each other . A great quick lust filled read

  20. madtrekkie

    Elizabeth is a lonely woman who is feeling loss with her son leaving for university. She visits her best friend only to discover she’s gone on a holiday with her husband, leaving their son Hugh home alone. Hugh is a lawyer and has always been attracted to Elizabeth. Hugh cannot resist his attraction to her and their steamy relationship develops.

    This is a very HAWTTT🔥 storyline! I was immediately hooked into the story and how the relationship between them develops so quickly. There’s steamy, passionate scenes that are sensually written. Told from dual POVs reveals intimately their thoughts, feelings and emotions as they explore their attention to each other. There’s a twist at the end!

  21. Ashley Johnston

    I totally enjoyed this book. Elizabeth was a lonely, neglected wife whose just left for college. Her husband was gone all the time a paid her little attention. She went to visit her friend, who ended up being out of town, but ran into her friend’s son, who was also her son’s best friend. Things get hot and steamy between the two. This was a quick read that I didn’t want to put down. I hope we get more about these characters in the future because it seemed like they both wanted more from each other in the future. Can’t wait to read the next story in this series. I received a review copy of this story from the author and am leaving a voluntary honest review.

  22. Tanya Wheeler

    To everyone around her believes she has the prefect life but it is all smoke and mirrors. Her marriage is not good at all, in fact they hate each other so much. He has had many affairs and then her son best friend arrives back into town. Will she have an affair with the young man? Will she be found out? How will those around her react if they find out? See where she will take you

  23. kaaren allen

    This story is so hot. Older woman and younger man is as old as time but this one is extremely hot, hot. The writing is so steamy you get caught up in it. It is a revelation for the older woman and fulfills her needs and fantasies. I received an arc of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

  24. Jen ODonnell

    This book is sexy, hot and amazing. I loved it from the beginning. An older woman and younger man. Elizabeth and Hugh, their heat just burns off of the pages. So good, I didn’t want it to end. “OH MY!”. You will need a cooldown after reading Forbidden Desires. I cannot recommend this enough. A must, must, must scorching read.

  25. Beth Blandin

    I am a big fan of L. M. Mountford books. However, I did have a hard time getting into this book. The Prologue and Chapter One were confusing to me. From the confusion, it did come together but jumped straight into a sex part which basically went to the end of the novella. I felt the plot on this book was not really put together. THere seems to be a few holes and jumps. The erotica part was good as always with L.M. Mountford.

  26. Vinessa Donatelli Wooten

    She is feeling the empty next syndrome, instead of finding a suitable hobby she picks up a young man and..
    So this is full of taboo and illicit content. Saying that it is a welcome distraction from what’s happening around the world.

  27. Kristin Scaggs

    Forbidden Desire: Taken by her Son’s Best Friend is a hot and steamy book written by LM Mountford. From the very beginning of the book, my attention was captivated. This book is about a steamy relationship between a cougar, who feels neglected, and her son’s best friend that makes her feel alive again. LM Mountford has my attention and I can’t wait to read more books by this author.

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