Daddy’s Christmas Surprise – Billionaire Age Gap Romance

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Daddy’s Christmas Surprise is a hot little forbidden seasonal age gap romance that packs all the heat you could need to keep warm over Christmas. Please note, there is absolutly no cheating or sloppy seconds in this work of fiction, not does it end on a cliff hanger. Inside there is just good clean reading fun for all who want a little spice in their holidays, so scroll up and one click now!

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Billionaire Age Gap Romance

This is all yours tonight, daddy…

When his wife died, Josh thought his life was over.
Their marriage may have been a sham, but she had been his whole world.
But he has so much left to live for, and his stepdaughter is going to prove it to him.
This Christmas, she has just the surprise he needs to break him out of his slump…

Daddy’s Christmas Surprise is a hot little forbidden seasonal Billionaire Age Gap Romance that packs all the heat you could need to keep warm over Christmas. Please note, there is absolutely no cheating or sloppy seconds in this work of fiction, nor does it end on a cliffhanger. Inside there is just good clean reading fun for all who want a little spice in their holidays, so scroll up and one-click now!

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39 reviews for Daddy’s Christmas Surprise – Billionaire Age Gap Romance

  1. Michelle Miller

    This may be an unconventional read for some, but even though it touches the taboo line, it is absolutely magnificent! The chemistry between Josh and his stepdaughter is out of this world, I know what most of you are probably thinking; what the heck? In order for you to grasp the full concept of this story line before you judge, I highly recommend you reading it from beginning to end. You will not be disappointed. The Lord of Lust has once again brough the heat with the fire!

  2. Julie Martinez

    This was a quick, steamy, HOT read! This is a step-father trope and I love that! It makes for a hot read. Erica is Josh’s step-daughter. She offers herself as a gift to Josh. He wants to tell her no, but gives in to his pleasure. This book was a steamy great read!

  3. Christine abee

    Arc review for honest review Erica gave her stepfather josh Winchester a Christmas present he never thought he unwrap . hot

  4. Pat Walley

    This steamy read kept me totally invested in the well planned plot and characters that were created with such great depth and detail which made this book a very worth while read!

  5. Afolasade Adewusi Owodunni

    This is a steamy good, short read that kept me glued to my phone till I finished it. I really enjoyed it. Its an age gap lovely story which I recommend cos it’s a page turner. I received an ARC for my honest review.

  6. Michelle HOLTHOUSE

    Josh has just come home and gets a shock when he sees a huge gift on his bed – and then the gift giggles! Erica remembers how her daddy had been treated and wants Josh for herself! This a story that will grab your attention the second you start reading, it’s fast paced with lots of chemistry and passion. The story is told from dual POVs reveals intimately their thoughts, feelings, and emotions as they explore their relationship!

  7. Lynn Stifle

    Loved this short and steamy age gap romance. The chemistry between Josh and Erica is off the charts hot. A well written and very entertaining story and one I recommend to everyone.

  8. Heather Steele

    Fast and easy read. LOved it

  9. Lorie

    A quick read that grabs you from the first word. Christmas Eve. Alone. Drained and Miserable. Josh is stumbling through life and is just Tired. When he receives an very unexpected present his world spins. Erica is Josh’s stepdaughter but Oh so much more. Can this little spitfire show him just how much he means to her?

  10. I.

    Daddy’s Christmas Surprise. Josh lost his way and this Christmas Erica will show him the light and so much more in this spunky fast exciting read!

  11. Emma price

    Fanbloodytastic 💖 a extremely well written fast and quick read book, a hot and steamy age gap romance that will leave you wanting more. A little spitfire Erica and her miserable step father Josh are a perfect attention grabbing couple, well done Lewis.

  12. Victoria W.

    Josh comes home to a surprise packet which happens to be his stepdaughter Erica in a sexy Santa outfit. He is hesitant but soon gives into his desire to have her. It was steamy sexy short enjoyable read.

  13. Cheryl B

    Daddy’s Christmas Surprise by L.M. Mountford is the short, tantalizing story of Josh and Erica. He was married…and now Erica appears as a gift!! This story was quite naughty, but nice…and I loved it!!!
    Understanding how this all develops is key to the story! Erica was quite surprising in her zeal and ‘go for it’ attitude! Though it didn’t take much! Good story!!!
    I am volunteering to leave a review for an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  14. rosa dunahue

    Daddy’s Christmas Surprise is short and sexy holiday story. Erica has always wanted her stepfather Josh, so this Christmas her gift to him will be herself. This story is hot and steamy. It’s definitely worth reading.

  15. Tara Hammond

    Quick and hot. If stepfather/daughter stories are a trigger, then don’t read. Otherwise, it’s a very steamy story. Daddy gets an unexpected Christmas surprise!

  16. Jay

    A quick, steamy read by L. M. Mountford. Erica has been in love with her step-father, Josh, since she was a teenager. She surprises him by gifting herself to him for Christmas. Josh can’t help but be tempted by his step-daughter who reminds him so much of his late wife. Theirs was a one-sided and unconsumated relationship, with Josh’s love unrequited. Now is his chance and Erica is determined to make all his dreams come true!

  17. Fran Reading

    A sexy Christmas surprise indeed! Erica has finally given Josh the gift he’s been coveting, and what a steamy surprise it is! After losing his wife, Josh didn’t think he’d find his heart beating hard for anyone else. This hot holiday quickie was a delightful read!

  18. Marsha sharp

    What lust filled Christmas present for her daddy just what he needed to lift his Christmas cheer and make all hiscdream come true great quick read

  19. iris simpson

    This a short but hot story.
    The best Christmas gift has come
    Gift wrap . Daddy’s girl has a lot
    To give daddy and boy does he gets it

  20. Korkoi

    Resistance Was Futile –
    Warning! This book is not for the faint hearted. However, I dare you to read this book without having your battery operated boyfriend or your other half close by, because you will definitely need relief. The steam level is fifteen out of ten, based of the descriptions of the intimate moments and the storyline will blow your mind, but leave you thirsting for more.

    This was very good short and sexy taboo romance, which was very well written and easy to read, that I just had to keep the pages turning. L. M. Mountford just keeps bringing it, with each book published. I will be very happy to recommend this book.

    I received an advanced copy of this book and I am voluntarily leaving a review.

  21. Tiffany

    Daddy’s Christmas Surprise by L.M Mountford is an erotic age gap story with some extra holiday cheer between Erica and her (technically) Stepfather, Josh! A fun, fast, yet very hot read that would have Santa himself sweating!!!

    I received a free copy of this book, and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

  22. Mrs. Sue Kirkpatrick

    This was a very quick read, and proves Lewiw definitely the King of lust. I enjoyed reading this but I wish it had been a bit longer

    I was sent this book by the author and giving a voluntary review

  23. Nari

    As always, L.M. Mountford’s Daddy’s Christmas Surprise: Billionaire Stepdad Holiday Romance does not disappoint. If you are looking for a Christmas short to read, Josh and Erica’s story the you’ll want to read. The story was equal parts hot sex and more hot sex. Grab your copy today.

  24. Jen ODonnell

    An amazing, steamy, Christmas Story that you need to read. I loved it and do will you. What a perfect Christmas Present that is full of passion, excitement and the Chemistry between Josh and Erica is off the charts. I cannot recommend this enough.

  25. Abby Lynn

    This has to be the greatest and hotest Christmas romance story I have ever read! I read the entire thing in a single sitting and loved every minute of it. I did not want the story to end! Definitely recommend this book to all readers of romance!

  26. Ash J

    I really enjoyed this story. It was about Josh who used to be in love with Sonja, his best friend, and ended up marrying her because she got pregnant from someone else and didn’t want her parents to look down on her. She was not interested in anything more with Josh so he loved her secretly until she died. Her daughter he helped take care of and still did. For Christmas his daughter shows up and offers herself to him saying that she would be his present. The story gets steamy and things between Josh and Erica get very intimate. This story was hot, hot, hot. I wish we got a glimpse at what happened between them in the future to see if things went back to the way they were or they continue to see each other. I received a review copy of this story and am leaving a voluntary honest review.

  27. Adina

    DCS is, unfortunately, a short and steamy read. It’s so enjoyable even though I’d have loved to see more and know what happens next

  28. Terry Babb

    The little minx & her step Daddy…
    Not strictly taboo, she was his step daughter as he married her mother who regarded him as a friend only. She passed away & he ensured that her daughter was taken care of financially. Imagine his surprise whenh e finds her in his bed & offers herself as his Xmas present. He can’t resist the minx & they satisfy each others wildest dreams with the hottest sex, A quick read & without any hints provided we have to assume it was a gift that would not keep on giving. I received an arc & this is my honest & voluntary review.

  29. Lynne

    A hot steamy quick read. Loved it.

  30. Tanya

    She is about to give him a Christmas present he will not forget. He has lost his wife and although the marriage was a sham he still misses it all. Now all he has is his stepdaughter to look after. She is about to offer herself up to him to enjoy. Will this do the trick? Will it go well? Can it ever carry on? See where you are taken

  31. Kristina Simkins

    Finally legal, Erica gives Josh a present neither of them will ever forget!

    If you love a great story line all wrapped up in a steamy and slightly forbidden romance, then this short read is for you. Grab your copy today and let Josh and Erica heat up your kindle this Christmas.🎄🔥

  32. Brandy

    I received this book for free and I am Voluntarily doing a review. I don’t know why but I think age-gap/step-dad romance reads are HOT!! L.M Mountford done an amazing job with this book, I swear my phone fogged up! Must read!!

  33. Lizzi Bear

    Short and hot read about Josh and Erica. A taboo stepdad/ stepdaughter story with a spin. A great read!!

  34. Aspen Garner

    Very hot and steamy, but a little too short in the long run of things. I really wish there had been more to this one because I gotta say I loved the dynamic between Josh and Erica! At first you would think this book was doing the forbidden relation taboo but you would have to read it from start to finish to really understand it. The one question that might possibly hit you at the very end would be who was he really thinking of? Besides that this is a perfect little Christmas book for a quick read by the fire.

  35. Tanis M Owen

    Short hot read! He always tries to make each book its own and he certainly did it again. If you like scenes related to Stepdad-stepdaughter, then you’ll like this one

  36. Beth Blandin

    This is a naughty quick read. It has a lot if heat quick in the book with very little back story. There js just enough of character building before jumping right into the steamy, hot passion to understand who the characters are. The only con to this book for me was that I wanted more, it was just too short!!!!

  37. Michele Roberts VonCannon

    Wow! Wow! Wow! This is such a fun and steamy read! A great way to spend the evening with the wonderful characters of Josh and Erika. These two will keep you glued to your e reader. You will be grinning and even fanning yourself at times. while you read! Highly recommend this book!

  38. AnnaMarie Gardner

    Fast, fun, hot and smexy read.

  39. Michelle Mendes

    🔥🔥🔥🧑‍🎄 ARC REVIEW- Daddy’s Christmas Surprise by L.M. Mountford 🧑‍🎄🔥🔥🔥
    The Lord of Lust has done it again. He has written another hot, steamy, insta-lust short story that will leave you fanning yourself. L.M. Is known for his hot, dirty, lustful short erotica stories(remember there is a difference between erotica and erotic romances) and Daddy’s Christmas Surprise is no exception and if you love hot steamy short quickies then Daddy’s Christmas Surprise will be the perfect read! Happy Reading 📖!

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