Broken – 2nd Edition

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Broken is a hard and gritty dark romance. Hotter than Sylvia Day and sleeker than James Patterson or Sherlock Holmes. The opening in the Broken Heart Series balances sex and violence on a knife-edge and will suck you down the rabbit hole of South London’s seedy criminal underbelly.

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London’s dirtiest cop has met his match…

Vickey Romano is a girl with a secret. A girl any man should be terrified of bringing home to mum.
Beautiful, haunted, and on the run, she works a string of temp jobs and lets no one get too close.
Until that is, she met Jake, the living definition of dark and dangerous.
He tells her nothing about himself, keeps a SIG P226 in his bedside table drawer, and can make her go weak-kneed with just a look.
She knows she should stay away, but he has her caught in his web and she’s helpless to resist.
All she can do is hope her past doesn’t come back to kill him…

Jake never played by the rules.
Rules were for team players.
He was a lone wolf. And a loose cannon.
But he got the job done.
And now his job was to take down Terry Daley, London’s Mr Big.
There’s just one problem, Vickey Romano.
The one that got away.
He wants her back, and he’s not above dirty tricks to get her.

Broken is a hard and gritty dark romance. Hotter than Sylvia Day and sleeker than James Patterson or Sherlock Holmes. The opening in the Broken Heart Series balances sex and violence on a knife-edge and will suck you down the rabbit hole of South London’s seedy criminal underbelly.

32 reviews for Broken – 2nd Edition

  1. Cheryl B

    Broken by L.M. Mountford is the story of Jake and Vickey. They had met once a while ago. Now, they both think of the other constantly. She felt safe with him, though he seemed to have a checkered past. But, it’s over now….or is it?

    Intriguing, enchanting story that I totally embraced!!!
    These characters were PHENOMENAL and eerily provocative….completely captivated me!!! Ends in a bit of a cliffhanger to be continued!!

    I am volunteering to leave a review for an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  2. Christine Abee

    Arc review for honest review bucket Ramon has a past she like to forget . while she can’t stop thinking of Jake she finds herself wanting him still. Awesome this also has a sneak peak at roque – of a betrayal he doesn’t see coming .

  3. Michelle Miller

    This is the very first book that I read by author LM Mountford… and let me tell you something, I was hooked! The revamp of this cover is amazing and the story still holds true. It is the story of Vickey and Jake. A girl with a past and a man with a secret. When the two meet, sparks fly, the chemistry is off the chart, and a whole new world opens up. The question is, can Vickey keep her past from interfering with the man she is growing close to without repercussions? I cannot wait for the next installment of this series to find out!

  4. Samerah

    Vickey and Jake story is exciting, full of tension waiting to erupt! Secrets are hidden and I said I won’t tell spoilers so let’s she what will happen in the next book! Arc for volunteer review.

  5. Tiffany MacLaren

    Broken by L.M. Mountford is a fast, intensely sexy story! Jake and Vickey are both on their own paths of self-destruction. She’s running from a dreadful past and crime family, he’s a cop that is neck deep in crime, and doing things that might not be exactly legal. When they get together, their passions flare to an intensity that is a level all of their own! This was a good introduction, and I am excited to see what happens to these two in Shattered, and learn more about their stories!

    I received an advanced copy of this book, and I am voluntarily leaving an honest review.

  6. Christina Lynn Lyon

    It was good compared to other ones that I have read by this author. Most authors usually write about the mafia or some sort of detective agency, but this one involving a cop was a refresher in a way. I usually take breaks when reading, but I read this one in one night. Even though it is an age gap, if you can look over that, it is worth the read.

  7. V. Wyatt

    Short quick read with some real chemistry between Vickey and Jake. It is only a taste but it was good. Can’t wait for more

    I received this ARC and my honest review is voluntary.

  8. Lynn Stifle

    This was one hot quick read. Vickey is a girl with a past she’d like to forget and Jake is a man with a secret. The chemistry between these two is off the charts sizzling hot. This is a a fantastic tease on what’s to come, and I can’t wait to find out what’s next for Vickey and Jake.

  9. emma price

    brilliant story extremely well written, smouldering hot jake and Vicki who have a fanbloodytasic chemistry, sparks fly as they come together despite hard pasts. and I honestly hope there will be a second book.

  10. Fran Reading

    I loved the bite of sexy suspense! Vickey and Jake had a good thing going, but when it ends before they can really get to know each other better, both are left with regrets. Broken was just a taste of their story, and it ended all too fast! The suspense gave me just enough of a taste to want more. I’d love to find out what comes next!

  11. Lorie

    Dark and Dirty
    Running, Running, Running. Can we ever outrun our past? Vickie thinks that she’s living an OK life until memories blindside her. Sex usually helps to keep the demons at bay until new memories start to haunt her. Will she ever have what she felt with Jake? Will she ever see him again? Past meet present and watch the fireworks.

  12. Iris

    This story was short but it hot
    Jake and Vickey are amazing the lust between them is too much.
    If only they can come clean to each . Love it

  13. Heather Steele

    This book is hot. It hooks you in from the beginning. Jake and Vickeys chemistry is off the charts. She can’t be in a relationship and he knows a little too much. Can not wait to see what happens next

  14. Candy Beck

    Wait just a minute! There was no reason to leave me hanging!
    Vickey and Jake’s story is short but sexy. Vickey broke it off with Jake because she self sabotages herself. Jake is a man on both sides of the fence and can’t stop thinking of Vickey since she dumped him. These two have it bad for each other and a chance encounter after the break up brings the chemistry to life and things get……. on Christmas too.
    The lead in to the story was slow and detailed to where you will keep reading to find out what happens. But as I said above was not expecting a cliffhanger! L.M. always has you feeling the story as you read so you can imagine the scene playing out in front of you.
    ~ARC provided in return for honest review~

  15. rosa dunahue

    Broken is short read romance. Jake and Vickey both shares a past together without knowing. But it is their incredible chemistry between them from the start. But the way Broken ends will definitely make you want to know what happens in the next book…

  16. Ashley Johnston

    Really interesting and steamy book. I loved reading about Vickey and Jake. Their relationship was confusing at first, but then when I found out that Vickey broke it off and the reason why it made a little bit more sense. The things Vickey went through because of her family and the things that Teddy did to her sounded terrible although we just get little hints at what all those things were and wished we learned a little bit more about Vickey’s past. I am so excited to see what happens between Vickey and Jake in the future and excited to see what will happen concerning Teddy when and if he finds out they are no involved. Can’t wait for the next story of this exciting, steamy read.

  17. Heather Gibbard

    I received this book as an arc copy for a voluntary review. A well written book with plenty of steam. Great characters that makes this book a quick read. Can’t wait for the next book

  18. Heather Gibbard

    I received this book as an arc copy for a voluntary review. A well written book with plenty of steam. Great characters that gel well and makes this book a quick read. Can’t wait for the next book

  19. Sue Kirkpatrick

    Broken is about Jake and Vickey who had met before, but due to secrets Vickey had she sent him away. Now he has returned and the feelings are still there. This was the start of a brilliant story. Please make us wait to long for the sequel

  20. Tanya Wheeler

    She has many secrets and she keeps away from others just in case they find her secrets out. Only one Eve got away from him and he is about to meet her again. How will this meeting go? Will she run away? Will they come to an understanding? Where will it all go? Follow them to see just what happens

  21. Jay Cee

    I would have to call this first book in the Broken Heart series more of a prequel novella than a full novel. We are introduced to Vickey and Jake, two characters with a shared history.

    The first half of the novella hints at their secret lives, but I was definitely left with more questions than answers. The second half of the book gets hot and heavy when Vickey and Jake bump into each other at a club and end up having sex in a dark corner of the dance floor.

    I loved the steamy sex scenes but was disappointed that the book was only six chapters long. I’m looking forward to the next book where I hope to find some answers to the many questions I’ve been left with!

    I was given an ARC by the author for an honest review.

  22. Gloria Garcia

    Broken: A second Chance Age Gap Romance by L.M. Mountford is hot! Did I mention it’s hot! Grab a cool drink and settle in. One-click it today and enjoy Vicky and Jakes story. Overall, the story is interesting, well-written. The characters are well-developed and have chemistry. All drama leads up to a happily ever after. Would I recommend it: Yes

    I have voluntarily read and reviewed this advanced readers copy provided by said author and BookFunnel.

  23. Sheri Lemay

    This was an incredible introduction to the series and to Jake and Vickey. I can’t wait to read their whole story. Did I mention that it’s incredibly hot AND steamy? You might need a cold shower with this one.

  24. Jen ODonnell

    Broken is an amazing, sexy, thrilling, read that you will love as much as I have. Vickey and Jake’s chemistry burn off of the pages. I cannot say enough about this. I’m so excited for more.

  25. Nicole Thomas

    Smoking hot from the very first page. Vicky and Jake both are keeping secrets but are so strongly drawn to each other they can’t be kept apart. Hot is not a strong enough word for their connection!

  26. Annette Tucker

    I really enjoyed reading Broken it was a good book that catches you & holds your attention wanting to see what happens next. I really enjoyed the story line can’t wait for the next book to see what happens.

  27. Kristina Simkins

    Broken is page-turning introduction an Age Gap – Second Chance Romance series from L.M. Mountford. This suspenseful and steamy quick read had me hooked to from page one. I can not wait to read more of Vickey and Jake’s story in book two!

  28. Sharon Landry PA

    Vickey and Jake have some hot chemistry! A quick steamy read with a little criminal activity in the background…..can’t wait for more

  29. Lizzi

    A short and steamy read with lots of chemistry between Jake and Vickey. A story that leaves you hanging waiting for the next part. A good read!!!

  30. Amanda W

    I feel like I say this about all of his books (not sure that’s a bad thing either lol) but this was such a great read. Definitely recommend taking the time out of your day and diving into this delicious read.

  31. Doris Marici

    I enjoyed this book as I do all this authors books he really holds your attention with his storyline. The steam factor between these characters were off the charts. I can not wait for next book.

  32. Brandy F.

    Broken was one of my favorite books in the boxset DSL ,LM Mountford is an amazing author hut I’m going to have to get a new reader the way it’s been fogging up lol must read (dark romance)

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