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My Off Limits Billionaire Boss


My Off Limits Billionaire Boss

Attending the Annual Handbag competition in Hawaii was a treat. Jumping into the infinity pool with a handsome stranger? A delicious pleasure. What happens in Hawaii stays in Hawaii right?


On the first day at my job, I see a giant portrait of that man, this time as CEO and I am taken to meet him in his office.

I already have in an infinity pool! And we kissed more than we talked!

The carefree, gorgeous stranger from that dreamy night has entered into my world as a snobbish, demanding, grumpy boss.

He wants me to craft the perfect handbag that no woman can resist. Trouble is, he also wants me.

Could we be any more different? My parents work at the local post office, his family runs a business empire. I barely make rent on my NYC studio – he sails his yacht to beach houses in Italy.

I am trying to resist him, to save all I have worked for.
But he wants to reward my hard work with forbidden pleasures.