Dirty Daddies – Paperback


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The Politician. The Billionaire. The Detective. Three hot alpha males. Three steamy older men, younger woman age gap romances.

The Politician – Senator Richard Sharp

In the world of men, he is a man of wealth, power, and influence.
But within the halls of Olympus, New York’s most exclusive gentleman’s club,
He is so much more. He is Hades.
The god of gods and lord of the Underworld.
But even a god has needs.
When he sees Kora, Olympus’s newest attendant, he knows she is the answer.
And he will make her his, no matter the cost.

The Billionaire – Josh Winchester

He loved his wife…but she never saw him as anything more than a friend.
Their marriage was a sham to save her honour.
Her death broke his heart…
But there is one determined to heal it.
Can she, or will he just as blind to love as his wife?

The Detective – Jake Talbot

London’s Dirtiest Copper never played by the rules.
Rules were for team players.
He was a lone wolf. And a loose cannon.
But he got the job done.
And now his job was to take down Terry Daley, London’s Mr Big.
There’s just one problem, Vickey Romano.
The one that got away.
He wants her back, and he’s not above dirty tricks to get her.

The Dirty Daddies is a three book collection from The Lord of Lust, holding three of his hottest older man, younger woman steamy age gap romances.


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